​P.J. 'Paddy' Shevlin hails from Kettering in Northamptonshire, a town which inspired his passions for Soul Music, non-league football and Weetabix. He left the town to study law and business studies in Stoke-on-Trent before embarking on a career running nightclubs and entertainment venues around the country.

He eventually settled in Brighton and became embroiled in the brewery trade for many years. A later passion became the Open University and, seeing the way the OU transformed people's lives, he became a great advocate of theirs. It was whilst taking one of their social history courses that he realised his own experiences on the nightclub circuit might itself have been a way of life destined to diminish rapidly. 

When forced to take timeout after an accident, he thought it might be worthwhile to assemble a few of the recollections and anecdotes that appeared to fascinate people from time to time...and 'Oops' is the result.


Still in Brighton, P.J. is still hooked on his Soul Music and regularly runs related events locally and beyond. You're very likely to find him appearing as a DJ too these days on the ever enduring Northern Soul scene. 

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