Oops Upside Your Head shows how much the nightlife experience has changed in Britain over the past four decades. Notwithstanding the huge changes in response to technological developments, here is a smattering of the way things used to be.

Getting The Word Out

In the pre-internet age without recourse to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; one had to go out and meet the people to tell them what was going on. In Lincoln this meant rising a moody mare down the High Street

Not Quite PC

Once upon a time The Miss World Pageant was an annual fixture on British television and beauty contests were a staple offering for many nightclubs. Here's one that took place at The Pink Coconut, Brighton and there were often several more in the Events calenda

They Had To Start Somewhere....

Monday night at The Top Rank Suite and tonight's attraction is an up and coming Irish band who some reckoned were destined for better things!

It is said that George Michael once received a fee of over £1.6 million to perform a private show for a Russian oligarch. In 1982 it cost just £10 to secure his services along with Andrew Ridgeley at Busby's in Brighton as they struggled to establish Wham! 

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